What is the first step to improving your health? 




You wouldn’t try to improve your health without a reason behind it, right?


A lot of people view improving their health as a difficult journey. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can actually be easy. We can choose for it to be easy. 


Instead of thinking: “Eating healthy is too hard,” why not think, “Eating healthy is easy,” instead?


Change the way you perceive it. And it will happen. I promise, you will be rewarded. 


Use the following Journal Prompts to help you dive deeper into your mindset. 


How to Change Your Mindset + Reasons WHY You Wish to Improve Your Health:


  • What are my health goals? Are they realistic? Are they for the right reasons? 
  • What benefits will come from achieving my health goals? (ie. increased energy, improved sleep, better quality of life, role modelling for my family, etc.)
  • What is standing in the way of achieving my health goals and how can I overcome it?
  • What is my action plan in order to achieve my health goals? 


Create Your Action Plan


I am a strong believer of taking small, baby steps, when it comes to improving your health. It is just way more attainable, way more realistic, and will way more likely STICK into your routine and become a life-long habit. 


So I advise you to start small, today. And your action plan will vary, depending on YOU as an individual, it may look like any of the following: 


  • Start going to bed earlier to improve your sleep and energy levels 
  • Drink more water everyday 
  • Limit screen time on all electronic devices per day 
  • Chew more slowly and mindfully (checkout my blog post on this) 
  • Exercising X times per week


What do you think you can do for yourself, starting today? Maybe that is using the journaling prompts from above and choosing ONE health goal this week that you can work towards. 


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Ready to take action and reach your health goals? 


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