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I help you take control of your health and make sustainable lifestyle changes to naturally nourish your body and mind.



When I was younger, I attempted many restrictive diets and cleanses with the intention of losing weight. I was obsessed with what I ate and how much I exercised, because I struggled with body image. I was a, "yo-yo dieter."


I attended The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, where I studied anatomy, physiology, chemistry, symptomatology, pathology, eco nutrition, body mind spirit, mental health support, and much more. Every single morning before class I was excited and eager to learn more as my passion grew stronger. 


I graduated from CSNN with the designation as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist after working with 12 client case studies and having successfully written the final exam. My experience working with those clients was so inspirational and fulfilling that I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do. 


I moved back to my hometown on the Sunshine Coast, where I taught nutrition workshops and started working privately through one on one nutrition consultations with clients.


I studied and trained at Canadian Fitness Education Services where I became a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. I began teaching fitness classes part time in Pender Harbour, to compliment my career and lifestyle.


Naturally Nourished started soon after the COVID 19 pandemic began, as I decided to take my nutrition services online. This allowed me to work globally with clients, as far as the USA and all over Canada. 


Through all of my experience I’ve shifted my perspective towards food, I've developed mindful eating habits, I indulge in treats without guilt or shame, and have developed a healthy relationship with food. And I have been passionately teaching others to do the same since then. 

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Group Fitness Instructor, I’ve successfully worked with over 60 nutrition clients, instructed countless hours of fitness classes, who I’ve watched grow and transform their lives. I LOVE helping my clients become healthier and happier. I can't wait to help you become, “Naturally Nourished.”

I recommend Naturally Nourished to everyone. The program has permanently changed my life for the better in all aspects of being, physically and mentally. I really enjoyed the accessibility. The one on one zoom meetings and the Voxer messaging gave me the reassurance I really needed as I made changes in my life. Alex's knowledge and kindness left me feeling capable and extremely motivated. The ability to message her with questions was an amazing safety net between meetings. She took the time to answer me, reassure me and get me refocused on my goals. Naturally Nourished exceeded my expectations. Alex really helped me turn my life around. I had given up on losing weight and just viewed her program as another gimmick, wow was I wrong. Alex has given me back a good night's sleep, weight loss, a better self image, renewed energy, stress management skills and superb support. For the first time in decades I believe I can keep the weight off. The one-on-one coaching was key for me.

- donna s.

"Alex is wonderful to work with, whatever your needs may be. She has great knowledge of her practice and listens to your likes/dislikes and makes it for you and about you! I highly recommend Alex!"


"Alex was very accommodating, and always open to questions and feedback. She was very understanding and empathetic when it came to challenges of eating healthy! She made suggestions that fit to YOUR lifestyle and it really showed she cared. Overall a great experience!"

- Zeinab

"Alex was a great nutritionist to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I now know how to eat more whole foods and maintain a healthy relationship with food."


"Alex is fantastic to work with. She is knowledgeable about nutrition and lifestyle and how it impacts your body in various ways (sleep, energy, mood). Every time I talk to her, I feel refreshed and motivated to continue this journey of improving my overall health. She really cares about you and your progress. I highly recommend starting your journey with her."


My key takeaways from nutrition coaching with Alex have been learning how to make small changes and tweaks and turning them into life-long habits, and figuring out a healthy eating balance that works for me and my lifestyle. Alex helped me get through some mental diet mentality blocks that I didn't even know I had.
The part I enjoyed the most about working with Alex was our weekly accountability calls. Because they didn't feel like accountability calls. It felt like more of a catch up with a friend and my own personal cheerleader. Overall her knowledge and professionalism throughout the entire experience ensured me that I was in good hands, that I knew she cared as much about my health and wellbeing as I did. 
Having Alex as my nutritionist and accountability partner has helped me make changes that I've been trying to do on my own for years.

- Chanel

Alex is an exceptionally approachable, supportive, kind, gracious, and gentle person. I immediately felt at ease discussing personal aspects of myself and never felt any judgement. Whatever your concerns/goals, Alex will listen wholeheartedly and systematically address those concerns using a unique approach that delivers long-lasting results. Regarding a specific appreciation, I found the meal suggestions to be particularly helpful for my week ahead. 
When I go grocery shopping now, I have a completely different approach. Instead of wondering what tastes good, I now consider what I feel my body intuitively needs.
You won't regret working with Alex, not one bit. Every session taught me something about myself and I appreciate my health in a whole new way, thanks to the guidance I received.

- Chloe

My key takeaway from this experience was confirming how important breakfast is in my routine. I enjoyed Alex’s wonderful energy, but also the plan with ideas for different meals and recipes. Alex is lovely, a great listener, supportive, non-judgmental, and intelligent. For someone on the fence about working with her, I say: “Try! She’s great!”

- Maria

My key takeaways from this experience with Alex were to slow down and not to have a negative mentality. I enjoyed just being able to share my struggles in a safe warm environment without judgement. It was very fun, educational, and stress relieving. I have already recommended Alex to multiple friends. Try a trial or just book a consultation with Alex! Just talking with her will change your mind.

- Daisy

I have learned a balanced view on nutrition and how important it is to take care of yourself. What I enjoyed the most was the weekly calls that are always encouraging and inspire me to continue in my health journey.
Naturally Nourished exceeded my expectations! Alex always goes the extra mile and is friendly and fun to work with. She always leaves me inspired to take control of my health. 

- grace

It’s hard to motivate myself in the morning but when I know I have Alex waiting for me at Bootcamp I have the accountability I need to get out of bed and move my body. After the class I always feel energized, happy, and awake to tackle the rest of my day. Bootcamp is fun and it gets my heart pumping! And I love that the movements are simple and don’t use complicated gym equipment so that I can do them at home too! 

- teaguen

There hasn’t been a bootcamp I’ve experienced with Alex so far where I haven’t been sore the next day! And that’s what I want. I enjoy how she does a full body workout rather than just focusing on one area.

- zena

The variety of exercises in boot camp always keeps it interesting and Alex always demonstrates low impact/intensity versions of each exercise, so it’s easy to tailor the workouts to individual needs and abilities. 

- donna

I am delighted that Alex is teaching fitness classes in Pender Harbour! Her classes are both engaging and challenging. Alex’s easy-going style creates an atmosphere that is fun to be in, as well as very motivating. I really appreciate that Alex plans for each class - she is precise in her teaching, but also offers alternative moves if you need that. Sometimes I think she’s reading my mind! Her classes follow a consistent structure, but the exercises are well varied — it feels familiar and new at the same time. 

- gordo

I have been attending Alex’s classes for about 2 months. She is a fun and innovative instructor making everyone feel welcome. Alex is articulate, giving clear directions for each move. She offers three levels of difficulty for each exercise, so that people of all abilities can do what works for them. We have a class of various ages and abilities. Alex gives positive feedback individually and to the group. Each class is unique and well planned, including a warm up, cardio, core, upper and lower body, abs and finishing with a stretch. When at the gym she utilizes various equipment which keeps things interesting and motivating. In her online classes she skillfully leads us, always with a smile. I injured my pelvis in an accident 5 years ago and I have found, the class has helped me gain strength and given me a better range of motion. It’s a wonderful start to the day! Thank you Alex!

- sylvia

Although my thought during the workout was that Alex was being too light and easy on everyone, I was proven to be "sorely" mistaken the next day. I do like her speed and she communicates well.

- Joe

Alex’s boot camp is fun, exciting, challenging and done in the comfort of your home. I really enjoy the variety & energy she puts into each class. 
She provides modifications to each exercise if you have an injury as well as fitness levels. You will leave her class energized and feeling good about yourself. 
Alex has a great personality, making you feel comfortable in her class all while pushing you to improve your fitness. I look forward to her classes each week.

- mandy

Alex is so motivational and her classes are so fun! She is engaging and I always get such a great workout. I look forward to her classes every-time, as she raises my limits and challenges me. Thanks Alex!

- natasha

I met Alex when I started to attend her summer boot camps at Lions Park. What a great workout and experience with beautiful scenery surrounding us. Alex’s boot camps are awesome and are perfect full body workout. I’ve also joined her zoom classes which are just as good. I love how she changes the classes up, so you don’t get bored doing the same thing.

- Daniella

I’ve been taking Alex’s evening boot camp classes by Zoom. Even though we’re not face to face, Alex is always motivating us to push harder and to keep going! She offers many modifications for high or low intensity. I always feel like I have had a perfect full body work out once we’re done. It’s the perfect way for me to decompress after work; always feeling 100% better when the work out is done! Thanks Alex!

- Liz

Alex taught me many little helpful tips that overall make a big picture. I love that it's not just about nutrition, we talk about everything from self care and stress management to meal ideas. Her services obviously exceeded my expectations, Alex is very well educated and continues to educate herself. Everytime we talk she teaches me something new.

- Robyn

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