Are you passionate about trusting your intuition, following your “gut feeling,” and asking for guidance? Then read on 🙂


I’ve been seeing an Intuitive Counsellor, since January 2019, and it has been life changing. It has helped me in so many ways, and now I am training me to become an Intuitive Counsellor as well.


Prior to seeing an Intuitive Counsellor, my only experience working with a counsellor was my High School Guidance Counsellor, who I am forever grateful for, as she helped me navigate my sensitivity at a young age. 


I always knew deep down that I would become a counsellor one day, and now I am making it happen.


The reason why I decided to become an Intuitive Counsellor is because as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I aim to support each of my clients on many levels; physically, mentally, and spiritually. I strongly believe that mindset is the key aspect in everything we do, especially when it comes to reaching health goals. It is my intention to offer both Holistic Nutrition Coaching and Intuitive Counselling to my clients, and I couldn’t be more excited. 


What is Intuitive Counselling? 


Here is an excerpt from The Self Realization Sevalight Centre’s website:


“A powerful Healing art in itself, Intuitive Counselling will help you to understand yourself better and to explore issues in more depth when needed. It is about dealing with the ‘here and now’ and not necessarily digging and delving into the past, unless it is helpful to your current situation. However this is only done at your request and at the right time.

Partnerships, family, employment and career situations,  bereavement and health concerns or other pressing issues can be looked at with Intuitive Counselling, either individually or together with those involved. Life patterns and habits that you want to change can be addressed to help you take healthy charge of your life and reach your greatest potential.” 

Self Realization Sevalight Retreat Centre in Halfmoon Bay, B.C

Module #1: Intuitive Listening & Communication Skills 


So far I have completed the first step on my journey as an aspiring Intuitive Counsellor. I learned a lot about myself, others, how to trust my intuition, how to connect to my Higher Self, and let go of egoic thoughts. We were taught how to attune to others as they speak, and to react to others communication skills, like eye contact, tone of voice, body language, etc. Not only has that helped me to communicate with my current nutrition clients, but has also helped me to communicate in my personal relationships as well. 


I can’t wait for the next course, as I am eager to learn more and apply my new skills to my current clients. 


I finally feel in line with my dreams and know this is where I am meant to be.


I cannot wait to help others feel the same way. 

Does Intuitive Counselling sound like something you want to try? Comment below or send me an email at for more details, or visit The Self Realization Sevalight Centre’s Website:


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