The most common concern my clients share are feelings of guilt and shame they experience after eating certain foods that they consider as, “unhealthy.” 


It is not easy to let go of these feelings that come up around food in general. 


But I do promise you that it gets easier with practice.




Practicing awareness is the first step.


After eating your next snack or meal, watch for whatever thoughts and feelings are coming up.


For example: you just ate a chocolate bar, or a burger and fries. Instantly, you’re thinking; “I shouldn’t have eaten that,” “I am so bad at staying on track,” “Why do I keep failing at eating healthier? I am so weak,” etc. 


DON’T identify with those thoughts. 


Just witness them. And remember it is not the end of the world.


Reprogramming Your Thought Process




Did you even enjoy it?


Were you actually present with it as you ate it? Were you inhaling it while distracted? Or, were the negative thoughts and feelings already coming at you?


Make a Mental Note To Self: “I enjoy everything I choose to put into my body.”




Accept that you just ate whatever you ate! If you turn it into a thing, it will become a thing


It is OK that you just had that chocolate bar or burger and fries. 


Food like that nourishes the soul.


Move On


This doesn’t mean that your goals to improve your health have gone out the window! You can still carry on. This helps you to develop a healthier relationship with food in the long run, while building self trust. 


Guilt and stress will do more harm on your body than a chocolate bar or burger and fries ever will.

I hope that this was helpful for those of you struggling with this. This is one of many topics I discuss regularly with my nutrition clients. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me an email at or comment directly below! 


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